How would you adjust your cashing out strategy in slots with Freeplay?

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I have an upcoming trip where I will have $400 in Freeplay and bringing $500 for 5 days in Vegas (4 nights and most of a fifth day). Without the freeplay, I would play the slots with something like:

  • Divide bankroll into $100/day
  • Cashout any winnings over $X and stop playing when losses are down by $X (say +/- $30 in this scenario)

Would it be better to spend all that free play first, with bare minimum of cash to participate (say $10), and cash any winnings as pure profit, OR try to divide that $400 across the 4-5 days virtually in my head, so once I am $100 down on freeplay, play the rest of it with my actual cash and don't activate the freeplay.

EDIT: it was suggested in a previous post to spend all that freeplay in a high limit room or with video poker, and maybe treat it as a separate bankroll from my actual money.

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