Wow. Literally the most addictive thing in the world

Due to the whole not being allowed to go outside thing. My time is a lot sparser and the whole not working thing got to me so i thought I'd try something I'd never do, online casinos.

It started off pretty well, i go up to £170 in two days and thought 'wow' this could actually work. Then it crept back down and my whole impulsiveness and conviction l (and bad bets) led to losing £10. Now i know this isn't the worst story anyone has ever heard on this subreddits this post is more for myself making it final.

Don't gamble, it's stupid and do it for long enough you will lose. Think that the trick is to know when to stop? You don't. People like me who could just do with the extra cash will always want more. Greed is the bane of existence and gambling proves so.

I haven't done it for long and am glad to be stopping now. I've barely done anything else for the last four days and i feel that if i was even slightly in the green now I would still be going. I'm glad this isn't the case.

Again, don't really care if anyone responds or upvotes, just using the platform to make it final.

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