A family member showed me a pretty cool face up poker bet/con

This wasn’t played for any real money, but apparently is an old con that had been played in back rooms and illegal gambling halls for awhile.

So in face up poker, each player picks their own 5 cards from a 52 card deck. Then each player can discard any cards from their hand, and replace them with any of the remaining cards in the deck. You would naturally assume that this game is pointless, because the second player could always tie the first. If the first player picks a royal flush, so does the second. Suits have no value in rankings of hands.

There is a trick for the first player to always win. You need to pick 4 10’s in your first hand. The second player can pick either a higher 4 of a kind (Jacks, Queens, Kings, Aces) or a straight flush. The first player then keeps only 1 of the 10’s and discards the other four cards. They then pick either a straight flush or royal flush from the remaining cards in the deck. The second player can’t possibly match the first player, since the other 10’s have all been discarded.

I know this isn’t real gambling, but thought it was a clever trick. Anyone here know of any other sneaky bar bets/cons?

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