Las Vegas: When it finally reopens do you think the strip casinos will 1. offer better gambling odds to encourage more gambling, or 2. make odds worse for gamblers to rake in as much as possible? Why?

I think there is a good argument for both, but I'm leaning toward better odds for gamblers. The amount of revenue they're going to lose from nightclubs being shut or wayyy under capacity. The strip has spent the last decade reducing floor gambling space in favor of nightclub/food/services. Much of these will generate little or no revenue for the foreseeable future. No day clubs at pools for the foreseeable future. No EDC in June.

I really feel for the workers in Las Vegas. I try to go 2-3 times a year and I spend/gamble enough to get basically everything comped from a property that treats me well. I'll do my part to help your economy when the time comes.

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