Can I tell you guys about the most impressive feat of Gambling ive ever accomplished!

So this happened over 2 sessions, Friday night and Saturday Afternoon, on Slots Online.

After a good slots session (up £2800) last week, I decided to try my luck on some other websites. I had just signed up to Dream Vegas and used the 100% Deposit Bonus to give myself £400 to play with. Decided to go on some Jammin Jars. Now anyone who knows JJ knows what this slot is like. Anyways, after going down to ~£20 on 4 separate occasions and being saved by some base-wins, I finally hit a Bonus! £2,100 win later, and im ready to cash out.

Except theres a problem.

Because I was using my Bonus money, I was held to the Wager limit. 35x to be exact. I would've had to bet £17k in order to cash out my £2k. Anyone with a childs understanding of Maths knows that its impossible, so I resigned myself to having fun with some high stakes gameplay.

Enter: Primal.

Primal is that game that takes you from Zero to Hero instantly, and boy did it. All of a sudden, im up to £7k in bonus funds! Which I still cannot collect. But then I start thinking, "Could I?" I decide im going to feather my balance, low risk low reward, and go for it. If I can bring my balance up, I might be able to cash out with something.

What followed is 5 hours (over 2 days) of £2 a spin action. Small wins here and there, a few bonuses to keep the cash flowing, this is what REAL grinding looks like. Every so often im checking my stats, £14k to go. £13k to go. I wake up the next morning to check again, and im on £10k to go with £4k in the bank. This could happen. Then it hits me: Jammin Jars! If I can hit some base wins, and lose ~20p a spin, coupled with a few mid-range wins, I could be in here. £2 a spin, auto-play, let it go.

3-4 Hours later, I havent really lost a lot (a few hundred maybe), but the Wager requirements are shocking me! 88% Complete. Ive done it! Ive tipped the scales! Im guaranteed a cashout, anything I win now is extra! Get that stake up and look for a Bonus! And Bonus it did! Only for a 200x-ish win, but its enough! I've beaten the website! I'm on the home stretch. The math checks out. 3 Spins left. 2 spins. 1 spin. All right, 1 for luck!


And there it is. Cash Balance: £3,400 and change. It hits me: I've just spend £17,000 in bonus money, to cash out £2k, and im up a FURTHER £1500! That is mental! How? Is Dream Vegas still in business? Is this real life? So many questions, but no time to get answers. Get that into my bank account before someone changes their mind!

TL:DR: I spent £17,000 of fake money, while floating a £2,000 balance, to win £3,400!

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