Gambling All or… Nothing

CERB Canada emergency relief benefit… 500$ a week for 16weeks total of 8000$ I may have to pay it back is the catch… Down to rock bottom with no one left alive out of a heroin addiction. It’s time to focus on me and not others. I need a strategy for success with growing this money and having enough to help me get my life back and pay my dues back to Canada. Roulette, I’ve played in the past to make rent when I’m at my last shot situation. (Before heroin.) I’ve seen how quickly I can lose everything so I didn’t bother fucking with it while I was in addiction… Black jack, I’ve played this just for fun with friends and always had a heavy pocket when I left the casino. I don’t know how to play poker but I need to learn if I am going to be incarcerated for the next four years crown has offered me in my small amount of 22 years of life so far. I’m a young girl with an old soul and a lot to look forward to I’m sure. But while I await trial in July I need to make this change from hopeless future and present drowning to a fighting chance to a sober and worth while future. Forced to grow up fast I’ve exhausted every hobby, thrill, heartache, misfortune you can think of. Born into trauma had numbed my reaction to very troubling happenings. I’m ready. No bullshit. I need to learn how to do this. No secret win. No cheat. Just a strategy that makes sense and some advice that can take me a long way. Live in BC Canada and I need to know about gambling as much as possible to not be had- too quickly. Please serious people only I know the risks and how risky and silly this sounds. This is a chance I’m gonna take please just take that as fact rather than negotiation. Thanks.

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