Tunica trip report

Tunica, MS 5/25/2020 early afternoon

Visited Horseshoe and Gold Strike

Horseshoe: high table limits, $25 min at craps, only 2 tables running, machines at 50% (or less, seemingly). Chairs in front of deactivated machines have been removed. If you’re a couple used to playing slots or video poker at adjacent machines you’re going to be disappointed, this is not possible b/c the distancing regulations. Only the main video poker bar was running, the stage bar’s machines were up but had no drink service. Drink service at slots was good, almost normal. Didn’t try to eat anywhere, 8oz burger was running, buffet was not open at the time. Line at the cashier was deceptively long b/c distancing. We left before the Laurel Lounge was to open, there were no signs saying it was closed permanently so I would assume it was running. Poker area is closed.

Gold Strike: lower table limits, $10 min craps, 3 tables running. Main bar running, bartenders there fielding complaints of no service at the slots (in other words, normal). Same deal with chairs and outlying bars. Buffet was not open at the time, Pickle and Jam looked very crowded but lines are deceptive b/c distancing. NO SMOKING at the main bar, can only hope that becomes permanent. Still a long line at the cashier, no change there.

Overall, I came fearing nonstop hassle and huge crowds. I was pleasantly surprised by not finding either one.

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