Turned free €4 into €3800 and couldn’t cash out

This happened about 6 months back. Me and my friend (let's call him K) signed up for a casino and got €4 to bet with (had to bet it 80X) and after a few hours we got it up to €1,800 and left it for the night, I went home and when I came up the next morning he had turned that €1,800 into €3,800. We went to cash out and later received an email saying it couldn't be cashed out because the name doesn't match the credit card, so we have a look on the acc and see that its spelled incorrectly. When we we're making the account I told him this and assumed he fixed it but I guess he didn't, anyway we try and sort it out but there not willing to do anything about it and decided to ban the account so thanks for that casumo 👍

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