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I see why it's so addicting.

Online sport betting had a welcome promotion of free $100 if you put in $100 on your deposit to the account.

I bet on an NBA game $100 and won $400. Oh man….the THRILL.

Of course there was win and lost, that rollercoaster ride was amazing.

After winning hundreds and losing hundreds, I only had $100 left in the account. I put it all in for a sport team and just ignore it for 6 month as it was getting really addicting…..

Last night the Miami Heat won the conference final and I won $2000.

I know its stupid but now im starting to think about putting more money. My mind was going "what if I put alot more? I would have more money for a down payment on a house…etc."

I see where this is going but oh man I can see how a lot of people go down hill.

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