Idea for a new game – Quizzi – The game where you answer random trivia questions of random difficulty from stupid easy to virtually impossible inside a radio proof booth. Users pay $20 to answer questions for 20 mins. Top 1% of scorers in the nation for the month split the jackpot minus the rake.

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Since the question topics and difficulty are random, you are basically gambling that you get easy questions. Users scores are determined by the number of questions they got right, how fast they buzzed in to answer the question, how many questions they got wrong after buzzing in, and how many questions they passed on. It is better to pass than answer wrong. There is no way to cheat this game, so AI will listen to the players answers. No human required.

This game should attract new customers to casinos and serve as a moneymaker in bars where video poker is legal. Players can win multiple times in a month.

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