Have an interesting and/or informative Blackjack story to tell? Come tell the world as a guest on my podcast!

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Hello! I host a podcast about blackjack advantage play. I'm looking to make an episode with several stories about others experiences in the game. Big wins, big loses, crazy happenings at the table, all is fair game. You do t need to be an advantage player either. If you have a short story, that's fine, I'll have several stories on this episode a.d I'm thinking about adding a "crazy blackjack story" segment to the end of each episode as well. If you have many stories and have an interesting Blackjack journey, I may have you as a guest for an entire episode, if you're willing. Anyway, DM me of leave a messege here and I'll contact you about setting up a good time to record you appearance on my show.

For reference, here's a link to my show, if you want to check it out some before you decide if you want to come on the show or not.


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