I’m writing a book about Casinos/Gambling – help me decide on a topic

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Hi all! I haven't been much in this sub, but thought I would come here and ask you all a question. I'm a freelance writer for the iGaming industry and as a part of an assignment, I have to write a book. I can write about anything, as long as it's related to gambling or casino.

The natural thing to do, that most other people do, is to write something like an "Ultimate Guide to Win at a Casino" or a blackjack guide or something like that. But, that doesn't interest me at all. I've written hundreds of articles for affiliate sites with crap like that, so I really don't want to write a book about it.

I have come up with two different topics that I think might actually interest people:

1) Some kind of a "behind the scenes at online casinos" book, mainly focused on what casinos don't want players to know. (I used to work at one of the big online casinos, so I know the inner workings of how they operate)

2) How the casino affiliate market works and a bit of an insight into how that niche has become a huge moneymaker and is super competitive.

What do you guys think? Any of these topics interest any of you? Would you want to read a book about something like this or do you have other suggestions for topics I could write about? (Not trying to sell anything here, just looking for ideas, suggestions or advice.)

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