American Roulette Wheel

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The American roulette wheel is supposedly a balanced wheel. All odd/even, red/black, high/low, etc. numbers are evenly spread out throughout the wheel.

Here’s some tips that may help you decide when placing bets.

Some of y’all may already know this but for those who didn’t these are for you:

1.) Be wary of the table you’re playing on. Roulette tables have left-handed, and right-handed tables. 1st Column and 3rd Column are inverted depending on the table you’re playing on. Not paying attention, many times I placed a bet on 10 thinking it was 12.

2.) 3rd Column section: contains 8 red numbers and 4 black numbers.

3.) 2nd Column section: contains 8 black numbers and 4 red numbers.

4.) Odd section: contains 10 red and 8 black numbers.

5.) Even section: contains 10 black and 8 red numbers.

6.) Odd numbers and even numbers are paired in groups of two on the wheel.

7.) High numbers, and low numbers are paired in groups of two on the wheel.

8.) When 00 is at twelve o’clock: low-odd + high-even numbers cover left side of wheel, while high-odd + low-even numbers cover the right.

9.) know what number is across (mirrored/opposite). Simply add 1 or minus 1 from the winning number. If the winning number is an odd number add 1, or if the winning number is an even number minus 1. Example: winning number is 33. Adding 1 equals 34. 33 and 34 are directly opposite. Winning number is 22. 22 minus 1 equals 21.

10.) If you’re an outside better that likes to place bets on red/black, try combination bets and maximize your profits.

Cheers and Good Luck

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