Evolution Gaming – Monopoly Live – Dice Are Rigged – Proof

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Monoply Live involves a host "spinning" a wheel with 54 wedges on it, one of which is a 2 roll bonus, another of which is a 4 roll bonus. During the bonus game, dice are randomly rolled (and they are physically rolled by a "popper" at that time, as we've seen games canceled due to one of them getting stuck on on angle against the side). During the bonus game, doubles provide an additional roll and subsequently additional chances to collect further bonus multipliers. Double are typically very important in obtaining a high total bonus multipler.

If these rolls are random, we would expect to see doubles approximately 16.7% of the time. Reviewing the data from the last month, the actual frequency is = Doubles Rolled: 511 / 7,935 (6.44%) (From https://tracksino.com/monopoly?period=1month at the very bottom).

On nearly 8000 rolls, a 10+% deviation is far too great to be considered random. Of course that kind of variance is expected on 10-100 rolls, but not 8000….

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