Feel like shit after being up $350 and finally losing $200

This was my second time at a casino. I was playing this machine poker game which was called four of a kind bonus poker or something. I know how to play poker but didn't know about this game and gave it a try anyway

I hit some crazy hands and was up $350. Went down to being up $50, somehow made it back to $350 and my dad told me I should leave while I'm ahead and I knew I should too because I almost lost all those winnings and somehow made it back. But I just kept playing and playing like a zombie. I could actually feel that I'm losing track of what I'm even doing anymore and I could have quit while I was still winning something

Then I lost the $100 I started with and ended up losing another $100. So I basically went from being $350 up and losing $550 from there

Now I'm feeling like shit, wondering why I didn't just get up the second time and wishing I could turn back time to that moment because it just doesn't make any sense to me that I didn't leave while I was ahead

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