Question on W-2s and Taxes

Hi all- In 2020 I lost a large amount of money due to gambling. Now that tax season is coming around, and I'm in the swing of digging myself out of a hole, I initially thought my tax return would help, to then realizing it would actually be unchanged, to now realizing I may owe a good amount due to "winnings." Over the course of my gambling I happened on a couple, what I guess government considers, "big wins." The only issue is I subsequently lost it all. Now I'm concerned that I'm going to get W-2s that say I made all this money and have to pay taxes on it, when my net for the session was negative.

I understand that I can write off gambling losses as itemized deductions, but only to the extent of winnings. Without any other deductions, it seems I'm going to have to pay taxes on what I would have originally assumed to be my standard deduction so that I don't have to pay taxes on winnings. SO my question is, will my W-2s simply state the amount I made from those lone wins, without the preceding or succeeding events, or does it include them? Does this make sense? Is it correct?

I feel like it's kind of BS that it would function that way, but they are taxes so… Thanks all for your time and help! Please gamble responsibly 🙂

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