Question about online casino taxes (DraftKings)

Was hoping to get some clarification as I’ve been looking online and am a little confused. I know that Reddit isn’t always the best place for these kind of answers but am hoping you can help me understand a bit better.

Basically I won a DraftKings DFS tournament (about 1.5k) a few months ago, and since then have been playing on their casino a good amount, both sports betting and online blackjack/slots. I’ve stayed at about the same amount in my account (some days I’m up or down a few hundred dollars) but I’ve played most days so I’ve circulated quite a bit of money through my account. I don’t do any large wagers- usually around $10-$25 a hand or under $1 a spin, but it’s added up to quite a bit of “bet winnings” on my transaction report even though my “win/loss” is still a small negative.

I’m curious how this is going to impact me when it comes to taxes. Is the fact that I’ve played a lot on the site going to trigger me getting a tax document even though I don’t have a + win/loss and haven’t withdrawn anything? Because a lot of it is such small wagers on blackjack and slots that just added up, I’m not sure how that impacts it.

Like I said, I know there are better places to go then Reddit for these answers, but was hoping someone with a bit more experience in this could point me in the right direction.

Appreciate any insight.

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