My husband and I are up $800 from slots! Should we put limits on how often to go?

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We only went to the casino last weekend to go watch the game at the casino’s sports bar because barely anyone was there and they had decent food. Well we tried a couple slots and split $60 and left with $640. We freaked out and left immediately! We put it in a jar at home to figure out what to do with it.

We went again yesterday with $70 in cash from the winnings and nothing else and left with $400 (after losing $200 on a machine and realized it was time to go). I was totally prepared to lose the $70 we brought in so I was still really happy with it!

I want to be careful since we went 3 DAYS later on a work night but I don’t see anything wrong with it currently as long as we’re setting boundaries and not getting an emotional attachment to our winnings. Not interested at all in credit cards or even using money I earned from work unless it’s $50 maybe once a month aside from the winnings. Figured some people may have had similar experiences and developed a problem. I like the casino so far I just want it to stay fun.

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