Big pot at 4/8 limit Omaha hi-lo poker cash game

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My local card room reopened and currently offers 7 handed 4/8 omaha hi-lo cash game every Monday and Wednesday. Betting is capped at 4 bets per street. I went there last week and played for a bit. The table dynamic is aggressive. Every hand is usually capped pre flop ($16 to see the first 3 cards) Biggest hand of the night was when I picked up had a suited ace in middle position. As – Jx – 4s – 3x.. I limped in for $4 dollars, but by the time it got back to me, it was already capped at $16. $12 more dollars to call to see the flop. Fuck it. We go 5 ways to the flop.

Flop was all face cards with two spades. No pair on the board. No possible low

Capped on the flop – $16 from everyone – like 4 people to the turn.

Turn was the lovely 6 of spades, giving me the nut flush.

Capped on the turn – another $32 from 4 players.

River was a complete blank. 2 of hearts. Betting got up to $16. 3 people called.

Just imagine a giant mountain of $1 dollar chips in the middle of the table. I didn't slow roll my hand. I was the first one to table their hand. I had the best possible hand and everyone was like "wow" Someone had the King high. Another player had the queen high with a flopped straight.

It was a big juicy pot and I raked it all in. I don't remember the exact total of the pot but when I racked up at the end of the session, I had to use 5 racks.

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