Personally targeted ads are messed up

I suffer from a gambling addiction. I have lost thousands and thousands of dollars and called it quits 5 months ago after losing friends and people in my life and over $80 thousand dollars. After quitting for certain I have still had ads targeting me to for sign up bonuses on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and every single thing I have linked to my personal name. This is aggressive marketing that is taking advantage of people with actual problems yet no one talks about it. I regained my life but after I see these targeted ads I have came close so many times to signing up and gambling again. It’s like targeting former drug addicts saying we have great deals for the drug of your choice. What the fuck, how is this allowed? I was going through a lot and saw a personally targeted ad and signed up and lost $1000 I needed. That was a couple days ago. How are they allowed to do this?

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