My biggest win story

I had taken a day trip with my gf. I love to go to the casino but she isn’t a huge fan, took a ton of convincing for that day but we ended up going. Wasn’t having the best day dollar wise but we were having fun. At the end of the day we always like to end by putting 20$ into a dollar WOF machine and just doing 1$ bets for a single payline. To our luck on our 5 or 6th spin it lined up Spin,Spin,Spin. We were very excited bc this is the first time this had happend for us. Together we hit the Spin button and watched the wheel turn. As it came to the end it looked like it was going to land on the 50 which was beside the 2k (max for the wheel). Obviously I didn’t expect the 2k. Low and behold it lands on the 2k for our first ever handpay (we are min bet players). My heart was racing and I had to turn around bc I couldn’t handle watching the money tick up.

2000x win. Prolly will be my biggest win ever and only being 24 that’s hard to think of lol

Sorry for no pic but I can’t find out how to post pics on here.

Just wanted to share bc we are taking a big casino trip next week so I’m pretty excited.

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