4 handpays in 2.5 hours (or: how I came out of slot “retirement” and won $8000 in just over 2 hours)

I posted at the end of last year that I was "retiring" from gambling. I've had an INCREDIBLY lucky "career" of gambling. I recognize that. I'm up significantly over all the sessions I've played. And yes, I realize that this is 100% luck and very, very unlikely.

I went back to the casino yesterday evening for what I planned on being a quick session. I ended up hitting 4 hand pays in just over 2 hours, bringing home just over $8000 and winning closer to $10,000. It was quite a night.

Everything started humbly enough: I put $50 (and I honestly can't remember the machine) and won $300. One of my absolute favorite games is high limit Tiki Torch (9 lines, dollar denomination, max bet of $27 per spin). I was right by the high limit room at the casino, so I wandered over to Tiki Torch. Within a few spins, I got the bonus and hit a jackpot of $1500. Not bad. Then things got intense.

I forget the name of the machine, but it's the one with the "splish splash" bonus. It's 20 lines, dollar denom. I was playing a mix of $40 and $80 a spin. After getting a few big line hits ($800-1000), I got a bonus and hit that for $4300. This was about 20-25 minutes after getting paid for the first hand pay.

Immediately (like the next spin) after getting paid for the second hand pay, I accidentally hit max bet instead of cash out. I hit a bonus round on the max bet of $100. I was freaking out! Unfortunately, the bonus didn't pay for shit and I "only" won $250 on that bonus.

I bounced around the high limit room for a bit longer. I got another 2 hand pays both in the $1700-2000 range. The last one was on Tiki Torch again. I'm trying really hard to remember which machine I got the third hand pay on…but things are pretty blurry. I wasn't intoxicated or anything, it's just blurry since everything happened so fast. I only gambled for just over 2 hours. I've never experienced anything like it. My session ended by playing 5 spins on a $100 a pull machine. I realized my brain couldn't even process what was happening and losing felt like losing play money. So I got the hell out of the casino.

I'm sharing this story for two reasons. First, it was fun! I'm hoping that someone can appreciate the fun of winning like this. It's exhilarating.

The other reason I'm sharing is because I want this to be a cautionary tale as well. I'm INCREDIBLY lucky when it comes to gambling. I don't know how I do it. Sessions like this are rare – I don't know if I'll ever have one like it again. I was getting big hits (not necessarily jackpots) every 5-10 minutes. I omitted a few big hits and few bonuses that didn't pay from this recap – that's how insane the sessions was.

But if anyone out there has any delusions that winning money like this while gambling is easy or happens often, think again. I've been to the casino to play slots dozens (if not hundreds) of times now. I've played pennies and low limit bets, and I've played high limit. Results like this are incredibly rare. Sure, you might win occasionally. But don't read stories of people getting big hits and think that it happens often. It doesn't.

I like gambling. It's good entertainment for me. But that's all it is – entertainment. If you gamble (and I'm not saying you shouldn't), just keep in mind that you will probably lose. And hey, if you win – that's just a nice bonus.

Hope this was enjoyable to read, or at the very least insightful.

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