My gambling story.

Writing this down after losing about $400 dollars in last 20 days. 400 dollars is quite a lot of money when converted to Indian currency. Saw an ad while watching a cricket match which said bonus on first bet. Joined Betway straight away and lost the bet. I was just exploring the website and got to know about crazytime. This has to be the most addictive game I have ever played. To be frank I was lucky to hit many multipliers and actually made 10x profit first week. The adrenaline rush was so much with every spin and the game is designed to kinda hypnotise you. So I clicked withdraw but it usually takes 3 days to deposit in your account. This website is designed to make your withdrawal difficult and there's an option to reverse your withdrawal. I couldn't resist the urge to play the game and reversed the withdrawal. After that I lost everything I had won and borrowed money from a friend to play. This time again i made some good money, clicked withdraw couldn't resist the urge after few hours and lost everything. I was shocked at how everything happened so quick. My girlfriend had already noticed some changes in me since I couldn't give her enough time. After which I researched about Gambling and how it changes our brain. I deleted my account and opted for indefinite self exclusion since I was getting repeated urge to gamble again. To all the people reading this don't ever gamble even if it's the small amount. I followed the typical pattern of gambling addiction. 1. Fall for false advertisements. 2. Win some money because of pure luck. 3. Keep gambling for adrenaline rush. 4. Lose most of your money and slowly start borrowing from friends. 5. Slowly become isolated without your knowledge. 6. Sleep deprivation. 7. Guilt of losing the money you had borrowed. This is the time where one has to quit gambling. Don't chase the money you have lost. It can be seriously addictive to some people. So don't take a chance.

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