Best Ever Win

Australian Here.

My best win ever – probably wasn’t my biggest at all.

Horses over here and in the UK are a massive part of punting (sports betting)

Anyways I’d been at my local sports park playing football and the boys were going to the pub later. Put $50 in and was upto around $700

Got home and proceeded to punt, and ended up with nothing. I was so angry I’d done this because I had a few plans later in the month where I could of used the extra funds.

I refuse to touch the savings account so I’m my spending I had $3 left to my name, and made the final deposit. Hail Mary.

From there it proceeded to go like this;

$3 on a 10/1 horse. Wins ✅ $30 earned.

$30 on a 10/1 horse. Wins ✅ $300 earned.

The remaining $300 I split into three bets, which 2 won.

First was an 8/1. $800 earned

Second was a 4/1. $400 earned.

Third was a dismal last which honestly at that point I couldn’t care less.

And that’s the story of how I turned $3 into $1200 in 5 bets.

Love to hear your war stories

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