Pit Boss was PISSED

So normally, pit bosses truly do not give a [email protected]#$ if we win or lose, because to put it simply, they know the majority of us will lose, and if one of us does hit it big at a table, it makes others want to play. Well today ladies and gentleman, the odds where just in my favor I guess. I walked into MGM with 4 single C notes just to kill an hour or so before a meeting this afternoon. I sit down at a table, I have a free bet. I lay down $50 free bet, with a side bet, it hits blackjack. Less than ten hands later, I have won 8 of them in a row, pressing almost all of them. Then I hit a 50 to 1 blackjack side bet on a $25 bet. Even the dealer shouted out for me ( a cool Hatian dude with the best accent) and gave a me a fist bump. he gladly counted out $1,250 and told me, "have a nice day" and colored me up without me asking for it lol. The pitboss confirmed the side bet and color up, then scouled at him and said "don't get so excited and animated when they win." The dealer just winked at me, so i tipped him $50. I circled the Pit to the other side, sat at bacarrat. Sat down with around $2,500 or so between my blackjack winnings and side bet. After an awesome run of picking accurately banker and player all but 3 times, I colored up to $4100. Same Pitboss, he asked how my freebet worked at this table, I said with a smile "I hit it here too" and he just nodded and walked away. I left that pit and went to another blackjack table, won around another $1500 through 2 shoes. Left that table with $5600…went back to the pit with the grumpy old pit boss, checked change on a $500 chip and got some quarter chips for routlette. I played three rolls. First roll, won red, $100 bet, second roll, I bet black and 23 red, the black 33 hit. So i won another $200. I said out loud, one more, and through down $50 on 23, no other bet. Sure as shit, It hit. $1750…The dealer shouted outs 3 purple, 2 black out on a hit….same grumpy pit boss came over, confirmed it, looked at me smiling through my mask ear to ear with and he walked away shaking his head HAHAHAHAHA. I laughed all the way to the cage (where she counted out 69 hundred dollar bills….ha, 69) and left the casino with $6,900… A nice little $6,100 profit in less than 90 minutes… But what felt even better, was that I made a Pittboss mad hahah. Its the little things ya know. Thank you Vegas, see you next time

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