Stake USA Coinbase Taxes

Hi guys, this question has probably been answered before.

For a month or two, My friend has been playing on stake Via Buying Bitcoin On Coinbase -> Exodus -> and vice versa back. My friend lives in the US.

He/she has deposited $1,100 to Coinbase and transferred it to stake via exodus as a middle wallet, he/she has $1,900 in withdrawals from Coinbase.

He/she has no job and has no income whatsoever besides family help due to being disabled.

How do you guys handle this at Tax Time? What does my friend tell the CPA at tax time? (if he/she can find one) Cointracker said They have 32 dollars in total income but doesn’t include any of the withdrawals to his/her bank account. They DO NOT have access to ANY exodus wallet that had anything to do with the transactions.

Thoughts? Thanks again

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