Is This a Thing?

Story time. I went to Vegas for the first time this weekend and played more slots than I originally anticipated. I only gamble online and play roulette and blackjack, I rarely ever go to the slots. I’m mostly a sports bettor but being at the casino made me want to play more table games and try out some slots.

So night 1, I’m down about 800 from table games and 300 from slots. I thought about calling it quits there but decided to give myself 300 more the next day and see what could happen with it.

Jump to night 2, I’m up about 800 on blackjack and almost back to being even on the trip. Feeling lucky, I decided to try out a slot (Buffalo Diamond as I had seen the Buffalo slot online before) and put in 100. On the 4th spin I got a bonus which paid about 520. Feeling pretty excited from that, I see Dragon Link from the corner of my eye, and decide to throw 100 at it. I had seen some people on this sub talk about how they like it. I played $20 spins ($2 credit and 10 credits), and on the 1st spin I won a 1.3k hand pay. I couldn’t believe it. Ended the night way up and wanting to hit the slots again the next day.

The next day I go back to Dragon Link. I put in 100 and lose it. I put in another 100 and on the 3rd spin I hit another hand pay for 1.5k. On the last day as I’m walking to dinner I see Dragon Link again and decide to give it 100. 2nd spin I hit another 1k bonus. I was baffled and couldn’t even explain to my friends what just happened. After dinner I decide to try it once more. I put in 100 and lose it, another 100 and I hit a 350 bonus. I called it quits at that and walked with my profit.

To sum it up: I won 4 bonuses on Dragon Link in 3 days and 2 of them were hand pays. These were all at Wynn. I used my player card for all of them. I am a new player and first time player and visitor at Wynn. It all just seems weird to me. I might be looking too much into it but it felt like they wanted to get me hooked, and they knew how they could get it done. Anybody have any experience similar to this? Should I chalk it up to beginners luck or just simply luck? Or did they maybe know it was my first time there, I’m a younger guy (25) that they could make a lifetime player, and thought that a few thousand of slot bonuses in a short time could have a longer term payout for them? All just very strange to me.

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